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The Club offers more than 20 different interest classes and workshops designed for various ages and ability levels, with professional instruction in art, exercise and activities, to help you pursue your passion and realise your potential.
For class inquiries, please contact club@therepulsebay.com or call +852 2292 2900.

The Club Classes Yoga

These yoga classes teach strength and balance, and aid in stress-relief and learning self-regulation.

the club classes personal training
Personal Training

Transform your body and boost your strength through tailored workouts led by experienced personal trainers.

The Club Classes Adult Swimming
Adult Swimming

Adult swimming classes are available for beginners, intermediate swimmers and those who prefer advanced training.

The Club Classes Children Swimming
Children Swimming

Children's swimming classes are arranged by age group, with our youngest swimmers starting at just six months, guided at all times by experienced coaches.

The Club Classes Adult Tennis
Adult Tennis

For men and women, adult tennis classes are available for beginners, intermediate players and advanced players, with mixed-gender doubles games for intermediate/advanced players.

The Club Classes Children Tennis
Children Tennis

Children can begin learning the fundamentals of tennis starting at just 18 months, with classes for kids up to 12 years old to help develop their skills.

The Club Classes Brazilian Football
Brazilian Football

Learn what it takes to play Brazilian-style football as part of a team to unleash your potential on the field.

The Club Classes Rugbytots

Kids as young as 18 months can begin to build their confidence and practice their teamwork with this rugby play programme.

The Club Classes Kindermusik

Backed by research, this play programme pairs brain-boosting tunes with movement to help children grow through the power and joy of making music.

The Club Classes Ballet

Under the guidance of an experienced teacher, participants will learn the fundamentals of this elegant dance.

The Club Classes Drama

Think you were made for the stage? Unleash your inner thespian with this drama class and let your talent shine.

The Club Classes Public Speaking
Public Speaking

Created especially for children aged 7-14, these classes help kids practice with their peers to develop confidence for public speaking.

The Club Classes International Chess
International Chess

Take your first steps into the exciting world of international chess with classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced players, taught by certified FIDE School instructors.

The Club Classes Fencing

Improve your coordination, flexibility and agility with the gentlemanly art of fencing! Certified coaches will help you master the skills, rules and etiquette of fencing.

The Club Classes Taekwondo

Children aged 3-15 can discover confidence and discipline through the physicality and art of Taekwondo, a popular Korean martial art.

The Club Classes Thai Boxing

For active kids ages 8-16 who want to take their game to the next level, Thai boxing is a hip sport that helps improve coordination and dexterity.

The Club Classes Latino Dance
Latino Dance

The spicy beat of Latin dance is an exciting way to build physical strength and coordination while meeting new people.

The Club Classes Aqua Jogging
Aqua Jogging

Low-impact but highly effective, this zero-gravity exercise tones muscles, strengthens the heart and aids in physical rehabilitation.



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